The Needles - Diane

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Published by Sawmills Music

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Dangerous Records was founded during the 1980's as an artist development and production arm of the Cornwall based recording studio, Sawmills. The mission, to encourage, develop and promote talented artists for the long term by giving them the opportunity to record at the studio and develop their writing and recording skills in an attempt to help them gain a foothold on the industry ladder.

The label remained mostly dormant through the late 80's/early 90's mainly due to the heavy demand from record labels to book the Studio for commercial sessions. Amongst the many artists that worked in the Studio during this period were:- XTC, Stone Roses, The Verve, Catatonia, Supergrass, Oasis and Robert Plant. Consequently there was very little activity that found itself on to the label until a local band, originally called Rocket Baby Dolls, came along and were given their first Sawmills session in October 1997 By then the band had been re-named Muse and were destined to grow into the rock 'n' roll visionaries that they are today. Dangerous was proud to release their first two very limited edition EP's [only 999 copies of each were produced] the first was simply entitled "Muse" closely followed by the second, entitled "Muscle Museum". Sawmills Studio remains a close ally of the band to this day. The label was later put on hold until 2002, due mainly to the large amount of work required on the Muse project. At this point work began with an exciting four-piece from Aberdeen called The Needles. Following in the footsteps of Muse, we have decided to release a very limited edition EP entitled "Under the City" [again, only 999 copies were produced] to excellent reviews in the press and very encouraging support at National and Regional Radio.

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